Author: Jay S. Jacobs (“Wild Years: The Music and Myth of Tom Waits”)
Translation: Daniel Knapp and Tommi Brem
Cover and inside illustrations: Jurgen Verfaillie
Cover and inside collages: Gabriela Linares
364 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-026953-0
Price: SOLD OUT!

“Judging from the reading sample it’s worth the money.”

– S├╝dkurier

I always wanted to translate a full book. I always loved the music of Tom Waits. I thought the book by Jay S. Jacobs about Waits was the best book about Waits available. The translation rights for German were available. So Daniel and I set out to make this happen. It took us all the money we had, uncounted hours of translation. And it worked out rather well. With the help of a bunch of wonderful people who made this book a true gem.

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