Based on the novella “Michael Kohlhaas” by Heinrich v. Kleist.
Adapted for the stage by Wolf E. Rahlfs & Tommi Brem
Directed by Wolf E. Rahlfs
Stage and costumes by Tommi Brem
Music by Paolo Greco

Badische Landesb├╝hne Bruchsal, Hexagon
Premiere: 17/09/2011

“Wolf E. Rahlfs gripping production in sold out Hexagon manages to present the character of the vigilante Kohlhaas in all its inconsistency. (…) The audience is defenselessly exposed to Kohlhaas’ concentrated rage, the thumb-twiddling bureaucrats’ cynicism and the laziness, the junker’s moral squalidness and dishonesty. It’s not always easy to bare. But it forces the audience to be touched, to be captured by the question: what is justice?”

“Unusual production of Heinrich Kleist’s novella “Michael Kohlhaas” (…) The stage looked a bit like the Enterprise. Doors opened and banged shut, swallowing or spitting out characters. The marionette-like bureaucrats were adorable. The actors with their whitened faces, dressed in uniform white with red contrast where ghost-like. (…) The glow of Kleist’s language was brighter than everything else. Despite the complex sentence structure it doesn’t seem antiquated or dull, thanks to the perfect work of the actors. The predominately young audience payed their respect: Ten curtains and frenetic applause.”
– fnweb full article in German