I curate and organize exhibitions and cultural projects.
A list of completed work can be found in the category: Exhibitions (on the left).

I am available to curate/organize exhibitions and projects in Germany and abroad.
To find out whether I might be the right person to curate for you, please have
a look at what I have curated previously here.
I like to focus on contemporary and conceptual art, which doesn’t mean that
I’m not interested in other fields.

I don’t have an academic background when it comes to curating.
While I understand that this may sometimes be desired, I am also convinced
that curating shows as an art enthusiast has its benefits.

I have been curating, organizing and designing exhibitions at Stadthaus Ulm
since 2013. The most recent exhibition I developed and curated was with
US American animator extraordinaire Bruce Bickford (March 2017).
(Stadthaus Ulm Website)

I have also been creating exhibitions and projects at Griesbadgalerie, Ulm
since 2013. In 2016, we organised “Café Beirut”, a project concentrating on
contemporary art from the Near East (a term we used losely).
I curated a room with art created by Syrian artists in Syria.
(Griesbadgalerie Website)