15 July 2017 until 13 August 2017
Griesbadgalerie Ulm (small exhibition rooms) (link)
Stiege Ulm (link)

Public installations & exhibition by Isaac Cordal (link)
Curator and project management: Tommi Brem
Curated with: Petra Schmitt & Martin Leibinger

Photo above: Figure installation and photo exhibition at Stiege.

Daniel Arnold and Manuel Rees made a great, small video documentary about it all. Watch it below:

Isaac Cordal creates small figures, most of them male, in a suit, often clutching a briefcase. A uniform that symbolises success in our day and age. The type of ideal that used to be represented by Michelangelo’s David is now a rather sad business man, staring at the world surrounding him with confused and empty eyes.

Below: Cordal brought this life-sized head … and found a temporary place for it.

Cordal goes out into the city, the man-made concrete jungle and places his figures in their, most often permanent, new home. Back to the wall, hig up on window sills, on edges, little things protruding from the walls. Hidden in plain sight, they are tirelessly observing the world. Unless, of course, somebody comes and steals them. Isaac also places figures temporarily, for a quick photo-op, especially in places where they may be in the way or too easy to steal.

Above: Photo exhibition at Stiege Ulm.

Naturally, this is a rather time-consuming adventure, requiring the help of a whole bunch of people who walk the streets with Isaac, carrying and securing ladders, being on the look out for people who might object to the activity etc. So here’s a big thank you to everybody who helped. Like in the photo below.

Griesbadgalerie showed indoor installations (below, photo by Claudia Reicherter) and photos/videos documenting Isaac Cordal’s work around the world, while Stiege presented photos documenting Isaac’s work in Ulm.

The photos Isaac Cordal took during his work in Ulm can be seen on his website: link