I translate between German and English.

A list of completed works can be found in the category: Translations (on the left).

I am generally available for translation tasks, with a preference for
literature and cultural projects (exhibitions etc.).

I don’t have an academic background when it comes to translating.
However, I have lived in the UK for three years and I have always had
a passion for both the German and the English language. Proof-readers
tend to correct my spelling, rarely my grammar and almost never my

I have been translating science-fiction short stories (EN->G) for the German
science-fiction magazine “NOVA” for a number of years. Stadthaus Ulm is booking me
on a regular basis for their exhibition materials. Advertising agencies have
booked me to either translate or to go over their presentations.

My first “big” translation job was a Tom Waits biography that I translated
and published with Daniel Knapp. It is now sold out.