Four alarm clocks (John, Paul, George and Ringo) on light box.
Status: finished on Dec. 8, 2010
Price: 650,- EUR (+ shipment)

Band members (friends, partners, family) start out from a common ground, in synchronicity (of beliefs, values, ideas, goals, emotions etc.). After a while, they move in different directions, in different speed. // Watches are built to show the exact time. So two watches should run synchronously … but they are not the same, they are individuals, just like people.

“John, Paul, George and Ringo” are four different alarm clocks, set to the exact same starting time and started at the same time. Soon after the initial set-up, the clocks will start to be “out of synch”. If we wait long enough, some of them will “play together” again. Maybe all of them.

The one to break down first, will be John and so forth.