Unlocking the secrets of how to make a lot of monkey!

Details: softcover, pocket sized, individualized, Edition of 50. (22.13.2013)
Price: 5,- EUR (incl. worldwide shipment; order by E-Mail: tb@tommibrem.de)
Available: 36 / 50

This little volume contains some of the best and most useful insights in how to make a lot of monkey, collected from centuries of wisdom and experience. I am proud to say it is the first collection of its kind and I will be forever endebted to Rose, the only true monkey magnet, for inspiring this project.

It comes in an edition of 50. Each book is unique, because selected inside pages are hand coloured individually and differently every time. It costs 5 units of European Monkey.

PS: Don’t take this whole monkey business too seriously. You know, some people treat their lives like a visit to the zoo: They’re only in it for the monkey.