20 February 2016 until 27 March 2016
Griesbadgalerie, Ulm (link)

Paintings, collages and objects by James Oliver (link)
Curator and project management: Tommi Brem
This exhibition included items from private collections.

James Oliver (Redhill, UK) was studying art when his teachers strongly suggested he pursue a different career. And he did. But it didn’t take long for him to pick up art again.

The exhibition presented a number of his characteristic “entity” pieces. James buys old paintings and prints on flea markets, in charity shops and on ebay. Then he adds his minimalist, tower-like figures. It’s kind of cute, in a very eerie way. Or the other way around.

In addition to these “entity” pieces, James does collage work, often combined with overpaintings, and he takes apart toys and then puts them together again. Sort of like a 3D collage with toys.

For the exhibition, we had a “life-size” entity made and took it on a tour through the city. After the exhibition, “Red” moved to Hamburg to live with Christian Pfaff at Oberfett.

At the gallery, James’ work was a great backdrop for a concert by Guy Dale (above). Below is the flyer, designed by Martin Leibinger, using one of James’ works.