Vvideo projections for “Der Steppenwolf” (Hesse/Lux) at Badische Landesbühne.
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This production featured projection of prerecorded material, including animation and sections of the main protagonist, sometimes giving the appearance of live video.

Director: Wolf E. Rahlfs
Music & Sound Supervision: Paolo Greco
Author: Hermann Hesse (adapted for the stage by Joachim Lux)
Costume & Set Designer: Franziska Smolarek
Qlab-Programming: Britta Bischof

Badische Landesbühne Bruchsal
Premiere: 1 February, 2018

“Not one second of boredom in this two-hours long production by Wolf E. Rahlfs with a very effective stage design [Franziska Smolarek], including a projection curtain the actors can pass through, entering the projected images, and a soundtrack with a lot of Mozart, compiled by Paolo Greco. (…) Powerful video projections [Tommi Brem] (…) Surprises until the very end (…) long and heartfelt applause for a production worth seeing.”
– R. Autenrieth / RNZ

“Ambitious and courageous.”
– G. Keck / Schwarzwälder Bote

“In essence (the audience) did become the Steppenwolf, disoriented, searching.”
– M. Bernhard / Mannheimer Morgen

Here is a design I created for the show that we ended up not using: