Mail art project

Many languages have idioms with regard to finding one’s peace. Often, they have to do with the end of life. And when people have died, we wish for them to rest in peace, hoping that they have found it – in death.

I have decided not to wait until I die.
I do not want to rest, but to live in peace.
And I wish for everybody to be able to do the same.

Which is why I have declared peace on every nation and every person on earth, by sending my signed declaration of peace to two recipients in every country on December 31, 2014.

One was sent to an official member of government, a head of state or sovereign, the other to a randomly selected, non-official address.
Below is the declaration of peace I sent to Nigeria.

I first had this idea in 2008. Only took me six years to finally do it.
And it feels good.

Delivery has been confirmed in Belgium, Gilgit-Baltistan, Madeira, Guernsey, Morocco, Nigeria, Belarus, The Netherlands and others.

Below is the official reply from Madeira:

Only a handful of letters cane back as undeliverable. I am sending these out again again to different recipients, until they don’t come back.

As my goal was to send the declarations, not to get a reaction, I am not updating this regularly.