Carl Laemmle can be regarded as the founder of Hollywood. And he happens to stem from Laupheim, a small city in Germany, near where I live. In 2017 he would have been 150 years old, and the “Museum zur Geschichte von Christen und Juden” (museum for the history of Christians and Jews) in Laupheim organised an exhibition in his honour.

Several artists were invited to create works specifically for the occasion and a catalogue was to be published. I was asked to translate some of the text and correct texts that were submitted in English by the exhibiting artists.

Exhibition: 27 January – 21 May 2017
Published by: Museum zur Geschichte von Christen und Juden Laupheim & BBK Ulm
Concept: Dr. Michael Niemetz, Martha Bilger, Lioba Geggerle
Design: Martha Bilger, Lioba Geggerle
Additional translations: Gottfried & Janet WeiƟ

The museum: link
The designer: link
Carl Laemmle: link