Mixing lines of dialog from three different mainstream novels by Philip K. Dick.

Details: emulsion paint on paper, stapled to photo mount. (July 2013)
Price: variable (detailed list available soon; order by E-Mail: tb@tommibrem.de)

This work is has been created for Kunstfahrschule (driving school of art) in Ulm Germany (LINK), where it was exhibited from June 29th, 2013 until the end of August 2013.

Sticking to the venue’s name, I decided to extract lines of dialog from three Philip K. Dick novels (namely “The Broken Bubble”, “Humpty Dumpty in Oakland” & “In Milton Lumky Territory”) according to the keywords “car”, “driving” etc. I then painted the quotes of pieces of paper and arranged them randomly on a wall (see installation shots above). It’s really funny when a new, random dialog emerges from these snippets. It’s a bit in the tradition of cut-ups, merged with linguistics & whatever they do when “they” read our email, in a way. And tons of fun. I mean: “Car wax. Really?”

After the installation, I have taken the slips of paper and created mini-dialogs and “one-liners” by simply stapling the paper to photo mount. Looks nice. Is fun to read. Full list of available pieces to be added soon.

A few more images are available on FLICKR.