Full title: An Authorized Adaptation of Frank Zappa’s Thing-Fish
Musical adaptation by Wolf E. Rahlfs & Tommi Brem, based on the Frank Zappa musical.

Directed by Wolf E. Rahlfs
Art direction: Tommi Brem
Stage & costumes: Franziska Smolarek
Original costumes: Sandra Dehler
Musical director: Moritz Metzner
Choreography: Yael Loewenstein
Entree Collage: Paolo Greco
Photos: Dirk Neuhof

Premiere: 28. August 2003, BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), London

“Thing-Fish is pretty damn terrible in a terribly entertaining sort of way.”
– The Guardian


MC: Huw Thomas
Hamster: Betty, the Hamster
Thing-Fish: Daniel Knapp
Evil Prince: Chris Rogers
Harry: Chris Thompson
Rhonda: Deborah Jeffrey
Harry-as-a-boy: Tim Rowland
Artificial Rhonda: Alicia Frost
The Mammy Nuns:
Sister Potato-Head Bobby Brown: Darren Street
Sister Genghis-Adonis-Osmosis: Ash Perrin
Sister Owl-Gonkwin-Jane Cow-Hoon: Jamie Anderson
Sister Jasmine Noxema-Tapioca: Sarah McCardie
Sister Anne de Devine: Simon Johns

The Band:
Bass: Thomas Jäger
Drums: Stefan Emser
Guitar: Günther Burger
Keyboard / Piano: David Helbock