Yes, I do write, as well. I write for publications,
liner notes for releases, copy for exhibitions and such.

I also dabble in flash fiction, short stories & poetry.

Here is a poem:

Imagine this,
Imagine that.
Imagine what happens to Schrödinger’s cat.
Is it alive,
or is it dead?
Or is it imagining what it would be like,
Not to be trapped?

Ans also: I make books.
A list of publications can be found in the category: Publications.

As a writer:
I am currently working on a collection of short stories,
to be illustrated by James Oliver and to be published by Topalian& Milani.

I have co-created some books in the marketing sector and I have developed my own little projects that were realised in book-form. Sometimes it was more editing, sometimes it was more design, sometimes it was text manipulation, sometimes it was translation, sometimes it was a mixture of the above. Some things just want to be printed and bound as a book, right?