I support people who are developing or organising artistic and cultural projects,
both in Germany and abroad. OK, I’ll sometimes do marketing, as well.

Whether you need general input and inspiration, specific trouble shooting,
support with the dramaturgy or simply a second set of eyes: I may be able to help.

You can book me for any lenght of time, for direct conversations, workshops,
concept sparring sessions, or to review material. Sessions can be held in
person, via skype/phone or by data transfer.

– marketing / advertising (campaign & strategy)
– theatre
– exhibitions
– cultural and artistic projects

During my time at Dorten (a marketing agency now based in Berlin, Germany), I was
responsible for developing concepts rather than campaigns, very often in sessions
with colleagues and with clients. I spent almost 7 years there and was responsible
for the concept department when I left the company in 2010. I simply wanted a change
in my life. (Dorten Website)

Projects I was involved in at Dorten:
Bosch: One Second (one of the initial developers)
Bosch: Museum Hijacking (one of the initial developers)
Independent Collectors (concept & marketing)

After my “active” time at Dorten I continued to advise on a number of projects:
Uzin Utz: Die Zukunft unter uns (concept support & selection of exhibitors)
Volksbank Ulm-Biberach: Fortschritt bewahren (concept support)

In Ulm I supported a number of people/groups with their applications to receive
project funding from the city and I advised on a number of cultural projects.

Minimum booking time: 1 hour
Hourly rate 2018: 100,- EUR plus tax
(special rates for non-profits & struggling artists)